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Welcome to the Shrine!

A sacred space to explore all things Shakti,
the worship of the feminine in her many forms
as the absolute manifestation of divinity.




“Let my idle chatter be the muttering prayer, my every manual movement the execution of the ritual gesture, my walking a ceremonial circumambulation, my eating and other acts the rite of sacrifice, my lying down prostration in worship, my every pleasure enjoyed with dedication of myself, let whatever activity is mine be some form of worship to you.”
— The Saundarya Lahiri - Wave of Beauty

Janice Craig

Born with the disposition of a seeker, a love of beauty, and a natural inclination towards the feminine, Janice has devoted her life to the path of Shakti. 
Janice is a Shri Vidya initiate in the Kaula and Samaya lineages of Shaktism and Yogini traditions. She has trained in Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, and Indian Classical Dance for two decades in the USA and India.  With the blessings of her teachers, Janice transmits traditional practices oriented toward the contemporary practitioner. 
She is the founder of Shakti Shrine. A teaching platform and talk series for the feminine to be heard and experienced.

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